I sincerely believe that it is far more beneficial and far less costly to help a child build confidence than it is to fix an adult who has little or none.

Blogging from my heart


Since my childhood, I’ve been an avid reader.  Books have always been my friend; entertaining me, encouraging me and educating me.  When I became a mother, I started sharing my love of books with my two wonderful daughters.  A library of children’s books grew and I particularly liked reading the ones about animals.  Mice were especially cute and I started thinking about writing some books using mice as the main characters.   It didn’t take me long to write the first two stories, but then life seemed to get in the way and I became so busy being a ‘supermom’ that I gave up writing and put my stories up on a shelf to collect dust.

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The next venture in writing came a few years ago when I started a newsletter to promote my business.  It included articles about housekeeping,  yard maintenance and various other home services along with interesting stories, pictures and humour.   When I gave up my business, I started working with a depression support group and wrote a newsletter with articles about mental health and ideas on how to overcome depression and anxiety.  The support group folded and I decided to combine my life experiences with my intensive research to create my own project on self-esteem.   My project includes a website that contains articles, information, slide presentations and also a copy of my quarterly newsletter that I am currently writing.

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Blogging is my newest project.  It gives me the opportunity to connect with others and share my thoughts about life.   I am passionate about helping people build their esteem and improve their relationships.   Reading has been such an important tool in my own recovery and I know what a positive effect it has on my life.   Learning helps us understand things better and empowers us to see life from a positive perspective.  I already know that my blogging has benefitted some people from the comments I receive.  I know my blogging won’t change the world, but I can at least do my small part in making a positive impact.   If we all use our talents to help a few people, it would really change the world.

As for those children’s books that I wrote, I am hoping to get them published along with some other books that I am now writing.

My motto is – Learn what you can, love people and live positively.

Here is a poem by Nora Eason that I like:

Live, Love, Learn

Live your life, the way you should, Love the life you have, Learn from the mistakes you make.
Live your life on the path,  that seems so hard to take, Love your life now, for  your future’s at stake, learn to hold tight with all your might, to the one’s you love, for you never know when they’ll be out of your sight.
Live your life, for heaven’s sake, love your  life, come what may, learn to accept the things you cannot change.
Live with  the things you can, Love your neighbor as yourself, Learn to do your best, and God will do the rest. Live, Love, Learn as the world turns.


Pick your battles

clip book4Life can be very frustrating and full of annoying problems.  We can become stressed out over the smallest things and forget about what is really important in life.   Time is often wasted on petty arguments and silly situations that don’t matter much at all.  They may seem huge to us at the time, but when we really stop and think about them, we often wonder why we gave any time to them at all.

I like the book series, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”.   This is a series of books by Richard Carlson.  He was an amazing person who figured out how to live a meaningful life and became interested in writing books.   His first attempts were unsuccessful and he was about to make a change in his career until the day he got an unexpected surprise.  He was asked to be on the Oprah Winfrey show to discuss one of his books, “You can be happy, no matter what”.  This projected him onto a new course and he became an overnight success.  In the months that followed, Richard wrote several books including his first “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, and it’s all Small Stuff”.

Richard Carlson died in 2006, leaving behind a loving family and a series of books that are read by millions all over the world.  If you have read any of his books, you will see how simple life can be if we just cut out all the little, silly things that we obsess and worry about.  Life is way too short to waste our precious time on small things.  There are so many important issues that need our attention like being a good example to our children, treating others with kindness and doing what we can to help people in need.  Pick the battles you fight in life.  Make sure they are important battles and don’t waste any more time on silly things that don’t matter at all.   Remember, our lives are all valuable and everything we do impacts this world in a positive or negative way.  Be positive and be proud!


Are you looking for happiness and success?

Have you searched endlessly but have found nothing that helps?

How can we find happiness and success?  Is it even possible?

Yes, if we have enough confidence and strong self-esteem.  These 2 factors are critical and sadly many people struggle in their daily lives not even aware of why they have difficulties.

Happiness and success are possible, and you can have a life of peace and joy, BUT – there are no quick fixes and NO easy methods as others may promise.  However, if you can commit to hard work and patience, you will reap the rewards.

My workbook will help you learn how to get started on a journey that will lead to happiness and success.  Visit my website and find out how to order the PDF copy of my workbook.  Then get started on your own personal journey to happiness and success!!

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