I sincerely believe that it is far more beneficial and far less costly to help a child build confidence than it is to fix an adult who has little or none.

Turn off your TV! We are being fooled!

Almost zero deaths for kids and no evidence of transmission to adults. A few kids have died that had serious health issues and likely died WITH covid NOT FROM covid. Yet hundreds of kids have committed suicide, hundreds are being abused physically and sexually, hundreds are overdosing, a growing number of kids are being sex trafficked and wearing masks will certainly make this easier. More kids die from the annual flu and we have never been concerned about living our lives facing a normal risk of sickness and death.
YET…. many parents think they are protecting their kids by making them fear an illness that is NOT DANGEROUS and allowing them to wear masks and many teachers are afraid that their students will make them sick.
WHERE IS THE LOGIC IN ALL OF THIS??? Our minds have been poisoned by the media and our governments so they can control us and so many people are not understanding what it really going on. This is all about keeping us in fear so we will take a vaccine that is very dangerous and could likely injure or kill us. The big drug companies don’t care about our health, they only care about making money and if we don’t stop letting the media get into our minds and fill us with irrational fear so we fight with each other and become completely isolated from our families and friends, we will soon be completely locked down like Australia. 400 deaths total in a country of 5 million people and they have become a police state. Is that what you want for your family and your children?
Do the research people! Turn off your TV and look for the truth. We are being fooled!
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This pandemic of fear is destroying our kids!

Fear is a terrible thing. It is an invisible force that literally sucks the life out of us. It causes irrational thinking and can be very contagious. We can pass on our fears to other family members, our children and everyone around us.

I am greatly concerned about our children in this craziness over the coronavirus. They are growing up in a world of fear and their precious lives are being destroyed.  What kind of future will they have? We are teaching them to fear sickness and death. We are teaching them to avoid people. We are teaching them to obey and not fight for their rights.

It is very sad when anyone dies but sickness and death are a normal part of life. Germs and viruses have been around forever and we can’t live in a bubble. Every day until now we have risked our lives without a second thought.  About 150,000 people die EVERY day from accidents, suicides, contagious diseases, strokes, heart attacks, cancer and other illnesses. Have we ever locked down the world to stop this from happening? NO because we CAN’T stop sickness or death!

Our governments and the mainstream media have convinced so many people that covid is going to kill everyone, causing an irrational fear of sickness and death. In the beginning, we were told about the deaths and now the death rate is way down, they are reporting cases to keep us in fear.  The number of cases should not scare us, they are just positive tests and they actually bring down the percentage of deaths per million and brings us closer to herd immunity and the end of the virus. This is NOT the worst virus and according to numerous reports by experts all around the world who are backed by scientific evidence, this is no worse than the annual flu except for very ill people and mainly the elderly.  We should be working to keep these people safe and allowing the large majority of the population to get back to living a normal life.

ALL deaths are horrible but we need to consider ALL people and what risks are being taken.  In an epidemic people will die but when we lock down the world and impose draconian restrictions, EVERYONE suffers! We will all get sick sometimes and eventually we will die. That is a fact. Most of the people who died in the past few months were very ill and already dying from cancer or other diseases and illnesses, yet they were classified as dying FROM covid, not WITH covid which makes the deaths look worse than they really are. Here is an article that confirms this fact.

Mainstream media continually presents stories and shows pictures of people dying from covid with scary looking tubes and wires. If course this makes us feel bad. But what if the media showed showed us pictures of people torn and bleeding in car crashes 24/7, would we soon be terrified of driving? If the media showed pictures of people dying from cancer and other horrible illnesses everyday all day, what affect would this have on our wellbeing? I have watched 2 people slowly die from lung cancer and believe me, it was just as horrible as a covid death.

I feel very sad for the people who have died from the virus and I am not downplaying the seriousness. However I am far more concerned about what the lockdowns have done to society.  Deaths from suicides, overdoses, missed surgeries and undiagnosed illnesses will likely surpass covid deaths.  Half the world has lost their jobs and businesses and will live in poverty; many will die of starvation. Addictions are increasing. Child abuse is growing rapidly.  Families are being destroyed.  We are being treated like animals and people are being shamed and ridiculed if they don’t share the same beliefs.

We need to start paying attention to what is going on and stop giving in to irrational fears. There is so much evidence that shows we are being led to fear a virus that has a 99% recovery rate. Viruses will be with us forever and we can’t eradicate death. We need to be careful and take necessary precautions but we NEED TO LIVE! Right now we are not living. We are being held hostage by corrupt governments that want us to live in fear so we will they can track us and vaccinate us. This is NOT a conspiracy theory.  It is happening everywhere. Just do the research but you won’t find it on mainstream media. They are controlled by global companies that want to hide the truth.

We are in serious trouble unless we all get together and fight this tyranny! Mandatory masks are just the first step, then mandatory contact tracing/tracking and mandatory vaccines. Think I am crazy? Look at Australia. They have been completely locked down. Stores and businesses are closed. People have to stay within 5 km of home. Only 1 person in a household is allowed to go for groceries.  They can go outside for 1 hour between 8 and 5. No exercise allowed. WHY? Because they have 483 new cases – NOT DEATHS, just cases that are people who have tested positive but not even sick. Australia has a total of only 255 covid deaths since January in a country of about 25 million!! This is insanity! According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics “44,079 doctor certified deaths (not covid) occurred between 1 January 2020 and 28 April 2020″!!! But who cares about those deaths. Only covid deaths are important, right???  My prayers go out to those poor people in Australia!

The sad fact is, Canada will soon be in the same situation if people don’t wake up and see what is really going on! By listening to the lies from the media and being compliant without a fight, we are destroying our own lives, the lives of our families and the future of our children. What kind of world are we going to live in? Things are only going to get worse if we don’t stand up for our freedoms. 

I keep praying that God will expose the lies being perpetrated by mainstream media, our corrupt governments and certain health professionals and bring them to justice.  Then maybe fear will be dispelled and people can regain their logic and common sense!

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