I sincerely believe that it is far more beneficial and far less costly to help a child build confidence than it is to fix an adult who has little or none.

My heroes

What is a hero?  A hero is a person who is admired or idealized for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.  I have never been a hero and will likely never be a hero but I admire heroes greatly.  Heroes go above and beyond what is expected, often risking their reputation and life for what is right.  It is hard to see any heroes today amidst all the chaos, but they are coming forward and bravely speaking out in truth because they care about other human beings.

Our world is being destroyed but not by a coronavirus. It is being destroyed by lack of knowledge and common sense.  There are so many facts that are not being presented by mainstream media and this leads a lot of people to only see one biased side of what the big picture really shows.  I am so thankful that I am a person who searches for the truth and doesn’t give up until all the facts are sorted through and I can reach a reasonable conclusion.  I have been accused of being uncaring, careless and irresponsible because I don’t blindly accept what our government leaders are telling us.  I have also been accused of believing in conspiracy theories but this is NOT true at all.  There are definitely conspiracies going on the world all the time but I ONLY believe in facts and I search for evidence that presents the truth.  Bible prophecy predicts a lot of what is happening right now and we need to pay attention.  If you don’t know what I mean, do some research on End Times and it will explain things like one-world order and a mark on the body to do buying and selling (Mark of the Beast).

In the beginning of this crisis I listened and believed, trusting I was hearing the truth. But in searching for a deeper understanding of the virus, I was shocked to see the number of doctors, nurses, scientists and other experts stating that covid was not the terrible virus they thought it was.  Everything they said was backed up by personal experience and scientific data.  I wasn’t sure what to believe at that point but it made absolutely no sense to me that these professionals from all over the world would be lying.  Some of them had lost their jobs and their lives had been threatened for telling their story.  Why would anyone risk their life and livelihood to tell a lie?  Nobody in their right mind would die for a lie unless they were completely crazy or were brainwashed.  The people I have been listening to are intelligent, sane and credible.  However, there are many people whose agenda is power and money and they WILL lie to get what they want and they will hurt anyone who gets in the way.

Here are some of my heroes.  They may not be yours and that is okay.  We all have different ideas and beliefs.  However, it would be in your best interests to check out what they are saying and see if their views line up at all with what you are hearing.  You can find videos and articles on You Tube, if they haven’t been deleted yet.

Randy Hillier, a Member of Parliament in Ontario.  On Thursday he addressed the legislature debating the State of Emergency.  He gave valid evidence to stop the lockdown and also provided statements from people whose lives are being destroyed. One lady talked to him about her husband who need a liver transplant but they won’t do surgery because they are only focusing on covid cases, so he will likely die soon. Another call was about someone with a tumour but again no surgery allowed and that person will also likely die. Another call from a man who had worked hard for his entire life and put every cent of his savings into a business that would support his family for the rest of their lives but now he has lost everything he spent years to build up. This video will not likely be seen on the news and most people have no idea of the tremendous destruction that is taking place because of the lockdown.  Here is the link in case you would like to hear what he says.

Del Bigtree and Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson who continually interview top experts and advise people about the dangers of the lockdown and vaccines.

Dr Scott Atlas (Physician and health care policy expert, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution), Dr Kelly Victory (a trauma and emergency physician with a speciality in disaster preparedness and response, and public health, Dr Jenson (a well-respected physician and a member of the Minnesota Senate) who is being targeted for speaking out in truth about Covid.

Pamela Popper (a naturopath and internationally recognized expert on nutrition, medicine and health)

Rebel News, A Canadian media outlet that reports all the news and not just what the government tells them to say.

Blaze TV, One America News Network, Huckabee are all valid news channels that also report all the news and not just selected topics to keep people in fear.

Fox News is mainstream media but for some reason they are reporting the truth and I admire them for being out there against all the other news networks.

Every day I am finding new heroes and this gives me hope that the truth will soon come out.  Way too many people are living in unnecessary fear of a pandemic that is not backed by scientific evidence.  It distresses me greatly that people are so focused on covid 24/7 and are completely ignoring the obvious devastation and destruction from loss of jobs, increasing suicides, deaths from cancelled surgeries, child abuse and domestic violence.  What happened to all the people who used to care about injustice?  The collateral damage from the lockdown is far greater than the virus, yet people are fighting to keep things locked down and are happy to give up all their freedoms.  Why is Covid the only thing that matters?  When is one death or one life more important than another?  We should never have to make that decision but we do have to weigh the risks and choose the route with the least devastation.  I don’t believe that our governments have made the right decision and I will not support anything that is destroying almost every life on the planet . 

Things will likely  never go back to the way they were and this is a good thing because a lot of changes need to be made.  However, if we keep going the way we are, we could easily be locked down forever and the entire world will become a one-world system as it predicts in the Bible.  I am very aware of what is coming and I am not afraid because I am ready.  I do hope that we are not quite at that time yet and some kind of peace will be restored to our world so that more people will have a chance to learn about and prepare for the End Times.   I pray every single day for God to expose the lies and corruption that are going on in the world and bring light back into our quickly darkening world.

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I am no longer proud to be Canadian

Our veterans who fought in World War 1 and 2 risked their lives to keep Canada safe and free.  Those brave soldiers would be greatly appalled at what is happening to our country right now.  Our freedoms are being quickly taken away from us.  Many people are willingly allowing themselves to be brainwashed by mainstream media and have lost all ability to think logically and clearly, allowing themselves to fear sickness and death, something that we face every single day of our lives and until now, have never been afraid of.  People are blindly following restrictions and rules set up by our government and so-called experts that are not even based on scientific data, do not make any sense at all and are actually against our constitution.  There isn’t much going on right now that would give me any reason to be a proud Canadian.
Scientific data clearly shows there is NO emergency and no need for wearing masks, taking tests or social distancing.  Hundreds of doctors and experts have stated over and over again for the past few weeks that this is not a pandemic, only another annual flu that unfortunately can cause serious illness to those who are elderly and those in poor health.  I feel very badly for anyone who gets sick for ANY REASON.  ALL deaths are terrible but people seem to be fixated on covid and completely ignore any other illnesses or deaths.  Compassion for all people seems to have gone out the window.    There is NO reason to keep healthy people locked down or making them wear masks.  There should be restrictions put in place ONLY for those who are at risk.  People who are against this lockdown have been called irresponsible but in my opinion, our government has been irresponsible, causing more deaths and distress by keeping people in fear and imposing unnecessary restrictions.  Any doctor who backs these restrictions obviously is being forced to comply or has their own agenda.
I have sent letters to government officials stating how I feel, sending them articles with correct information and asking questions.  I usually get a form response with no answer to any of my questions.  Here are a few:
  • Why do we hear about increasing cases every day when these are not people who are ill or even deaths?  It should be good to know that so many people have tested positive because they have already been ill, so this is actually a good thing and it will lead to herd immunity and help the virus die out naturally.  Is the purpose just to keep people scared?
  • In a world population of 7 billion people, only about 500,000 people have died from covid (although this is questionable because doctors are being told to list all deaths as covid).  This is lower than the death rate for the annual flu so it is NOT a pandemic and why is it still being treated as a major disaster?
  • Why is it safe for people to sit at a table in a restaurant for an hour or more, eating and talking without wearing masks BUT it is not okay to shop in Walmart for a hour without wearing a mask?
  • Why is it safe enough to spend half an hour at the dentist having our teeth cleaned or getting a checkup without a mask but have to wear a mask while sitting alone in the chair waiting for the dentist?
  • Why is it necessary to traumatize kids when they go back to school with social distancing and masks when there is NO evidence that they will get sick?
Every day I do at least 2-3 hours of research, reading articles and watching videos from top scientists, doctors, lawyers, alternate media and I admire all the hundreds of experts that are willing to stand up for what is right and share the truth, often at personal cost.  They are my heroes and they are fighting to take our world back before we all become one global community run by communists.  Holding people hostage with a pandemic of fear WILL destroy our country.  If Canada falls, we ALL fall.  If we allow our freedoms to be taken away, ALL of us lose.  If we become a communist country, we will ALL have to abide by very strict laws.
I care deeply about people and I am very concerned about the future of our country and the safety and welfare of our children and grandchildren.  What kind of world will they grow up in?  Will they have any freedoms at all?  I can’t do much because I am just a poor senior but I will fight in any way I can for the rights of my family and my grandchildren.  I will also keep praying because I know that God is still in control of this world and He will ultimately bring justice.   Please stop listening to mainstream media and corrupt leaders and start searching for the truth.  Many people are being silenced but there is still a lot of truth out there.  Check Rebel News and Fox News (they are mainstream but they are reporting the truth).  Then stand up for your family, your country and your God-given rights!


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What is happening to our world?

I never thought that I would come to the last years of my life living as a slave to tyranny. For 68 years I have considered the country I live in to be the best in the world. I was proud to be a Canadian, proud and free as our national anthem says. But now I am shocked to see what is happening in my country and around the world. We have been taken hostage by governments whose agenda is not to protect our health or welfare.  Instead, it is to promote fear, cause people to distrust each other, divide families and destroy lives.

For those who only watch mainstream media, either by choice or because they do not have access to alternate media sources, they are being told 24/7 to fear, fear, fear! Cases are rising! People are dying! Stay home and stay safe.  Wear masks! Avoid people!  Does this not send off an alarm that something is wrong?  It should! Why have we lived for centuries taking risks of getting sick, having an accident, getting injured or even dying, and not given it a second thought?  It is because we know that sickness and death are inevitable and we can’t stop this from happening.  We always have to use wisdom and common sense and be cautious when dangers are present but we should NEVER fear living!  We have had serious pandemics in the past and germs and viruses will be with us forever but we have never locked down the world before and destroyed so many lives.

I am disappointed to see how many people are not paying attention to what is going on around them and are allowing their freedoms to be taken away without a fight. Fear is a terrible thing and once it takes hold, it is almost impossible to ever think clearly again.  We have to fight fear itself or it will become like a cancer that grows and overtakes our lives. Covid is seen as a major disaster, yet people are failing to see any other deaths or disasters as having any importance.  ALL deaths are horrible but sickness and death are inevitable and can’t be stopped.  What is more serious – the death of an 80 year old with serious lung and heart problems who contracts covid and it shortens his life by a few days or months or a 12 year old who hung himself because of the lockdown?  I cry for both but there are many young people who are so full of despair that they are just giving up and losing their lives and this is WRONG!
Most of the covid deaths are elderly people or others who have serious health issues and they should have been protected. However, in order to try and protect a few thousand people, almost 7 billion lives around the world have been destroyed. Where is the logic in that? The lockdowns have caused a tremendous amount of death and destruction!   There have been drastic increases in suicides, deaths from postponed surgeries, physical and sexual abuse for children trapped in their homes, domestic abuse, addictions, job losses, businesses crushed and loneliness for people who are in homes and hospitals and not being allowed visitors.  We should never have to sacrifice one person’s life for another but this is what is happening.  A risk assessment should be done and the choice made to take the route where the least damage lies and this is not what has happened.  It may have started with the best intentions but there is enough evidence now that shows a lockdown is not helping anything.  In fact, the destruction is getting worse and there is no end in sight.
There is no longer any logical reason to be afraid.  Everyday we hear of new cases but these are NOT DEATHS!  These are just people who have tested positive or have a mild case and if they are sick, there is a 98% chance of recovery!  Hundreds of experts have been coming forward since April trying to tell us the truth but they are being dismissed by mainstream media or silenced.  Many doctors have stated they are afraid of losing their jobs if they speak up.  Covid is not the massive killer it was believed to be in the beginning and it has been around since the end of 2019 and millions are believed to have been infected and not even been aware of being sick.  Stats now show that it is no more dangerous than the annual flu and when herd immunity is reached, the virus will die out.  A lockdown people down may have initially kept the healthcare system from being overwhelmed, but keeping people locked down has kept the virus around longer and destroyed far more lives than necessary.
These things break my heart and it seems that there is no end to the tragedies.  We are being held hostage with rules that are not logical, are not backed by science and are rooted in fear.  Our governments don’t care about our health and welfare.  Their agenda is to keep us in fear waiting for a vaccine that may kill or maim us just so they can fill their pockets with money.  If this lockdown continues, we won’t have a world worth living in.   There is so much evidence out there and you certainly don’t have to believe what I say.  Just take the time and do the research.  It will shock you as to what is really going on.
I pray daily that God will expose the lies and corruption and bring our evil leaders to justice. We are all responsible for destroying God’s perfect world with our sin and the best thing we can do is ask for forgiveness and guidance. God is our only hope and I believe that He will help bring truth and light back into our darkening world.  May God have mercy on all of us!
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