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Are we winning the battle with the coronavirus?

We are certainly going through some difficult times. Never before has the entire world been brought to a standstill. Not being able to work, visit family and friends, go shopping, take a vacation or even be able to access familiar places like parks and recreational areas is causing unrest.  Isolation is not good for us. We were created to be in relationships and to have basic freedoms that have been taken away from us.

I fully understand the seriousness of this virus and I know we need to take precautions but has the world taken the right steps to ensure our safety?  I’ve been reading articles from many experts in health, virology and science. Some believe measures are not strict enough, others say they are too strict.

Yesterday I watched an interview with a former Swedish chief scientist. Sweden has not imposed strict lockdowns and yet they are managing to keep things under control. They are treating their citizens with respect, keeping them safe with realistic guidelines to follow and allowing them to use wisdom and common sense implementing social distancing and good hygiene. They are protecting the vulnerable and letting healthy people live their lives as normal as possible. Last week the World Health Organization lauded Sweden for their approach and said the world should use them as a model. Why are we not doing this?

It breaks my heart to see the number of deaths but we can expect this in a pandemic. What bothers me is that people are so caught up in the mass hysteria over the virus that they are not caring at all about what else is happening.  Isolation is causing a huge amount of stress, depression, anxiety, loneliness and hopelessness. People are losing their jobs, businesses are closing, domestic abuse and suicides are on the rise. In some countries people have been shot for not obeying lockdown orders and others locked in their homes and left to starve. So what are we protecting people from? The possibility of catching a virus? Yes, some people are dying and that is horrible but most cases are mild. We can’t live in a bubble. Every day we face the possibility of sickness, injury, accident or even death. But most of us don’t leave our houses fearing the worst. We accept that life is fragile and yet we keep moving forward.

The stats from this virus can look scary and there are now over 250,000 deaths but here are some even scarier stats. Every year in the world there are:

500,000 deaths from the flu

800,000 deaths from suicide

1.5 million deaths from accidents

700,000 deaths from mosquitoes

7.6 million deaths from hunger

71 million deaths from heart attacks, strokes

So why don’t we lock everyone in their houses forever to stop those mosquito deaths? Or why not stop driving cars so we can stop those deaths? It would be crazy right?  Life will never be the same after this. Some people will live with fear the rest of their lives. Others will face financial loss for years to come. Helplessness and hopelessness will become the norm for many.

Social isolation is very dangerous to our health as it increases the odds of dying prematurely from any cause. It is equally as dangerous as smoking and more dangerous than being overweight or having an inactive lifestyle. What will the stats be this year after being socially isolated? People have been using the statement that the cure is worse than the virus and I am inclined to believe this. As someone who struggles with depression, I am fully aware of the toll it can take on a person and I sympathize with others who are suffering from the lockdown.  Experts predict that the next pandemic will be a mental health crisis and we already don’t have enough resources to address this growing problem.

The media is fueling fear 24/7.  There is very little news about anything else but the coronavirus.  Many people stay confined in their homes either because they are afraid of getting sick or they are afraid of getting arrested.  People needing surgery are being pushed aside and this may well shorten the lifespan for many.  Other people with health issues will avoid seeking help for fear of getting sick and this may result in their death or a poor quality of life.  Our freedoms have been taken away and I doubt the world will ever go back to the way it was before.

Sadly death is inevitable. We have to take care of our health and not do anything foolish but when it is our time to die, we will leave this world. We can bubble wrap ourselves and hide in our closet and it won’t protect us. We need to use wisdom and make sensible choices and put our faith in the one who created this world. God is our best protection from the virus and I put my trust in Him.

If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,” and you make the Most High your dwelling,  no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent. Psalm 91:9-10







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