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Mind mapping

on February 18, 2016

Have you ever tried mind mapping?  Do you even know what this term means?   A mind map is a diagram that is used organize information.  It is a powerful way to brainstorm your thoughts and put them down on paper so you can see things more clearly.   Mind maps can be used by individuals or by groups that are trying to develop ideas.  A central concept is created from which ideas flow in the form of words, phrases and images.

Mind maps can be very helpful in planning events, creating habits, reaching a goal, solving problems and learning a new task.  They give you an overview of the situation and a breakdown of everything needed.

How do you start mind mapping?  There is no standard way.  You just have to put your thoughts and ideas down on paper using circles, squares, lines and any other kind of shape you wish.  The idea is to write down everything you need to reach a goal or solve a problem.  Here are some simple suggestions:

  1. Get a large piece of paper and coloured markers.  Or you can use a white-board or flip-chart depending on the situation.mind maps
  2. Draw a big circle in the center and draw a picture or write down the goal to reach or problem to solve.
  3. Next determine what you need to do in order to accomplish this task and write these in smaller, secondary circles or shapes that are attached to the large middle circle with lines.
  4. Keep adding ideas to the smaller shapes until you run out of ideas.

Have fun!

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