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An island shaped like a dolphin??

on May 29, 2015

gallo lungo, the dolphin island, italyI saw a picture of this island on Facebook and my curious mind had to do some research.  This dolphin shaped island is part of an archipelago of little islands called the Sirenusas (sirens) or Gallos (roosters).  They are located off the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy.  Greek mythology says that several sirens inhabited the islands having bodies of birds with human heads or mermaids.

The biggest island, Gallo Lungo, originally hosted a monastery and then a prison.  Over the years, responsibility of the island passed from hand to hand, including 2 Russian dancers who built their own private villas.   Apparently Elizabeth Taylor stayed there for 15 years with her many husbands.

Today the islands are home to 3 villas that are available to guests who are looking for an extravagant vacation.  If you are looking for something special and have several millions dollars to spare, the island is for rent or sale!



2 responses to “An island shaped like a dolphin??

  1. Showed my boy this. Where exactly is it?

    • imconfident says:

      Glad you asked. I didn’t realize that I forgot to mention the location. They are off the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy. Thanks for bringing it to my attention – I added the info to the post:)

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