I sincerely believe that it is far more beneficial and far less costly to help a child build confidence than it is to fix an adult who has little or none.

I choose to be thankful

on November 4, 2014

Being thankful is a choice.  You can choose to be thankful for what you have or you can choose to be thankless for what you don’t have.  Being thankful requires a positive attitude and provides a lot of benefits.  Being thankless requires a negative attitude and has many disadvantages.   Personally I have lived on both sides and I have determined that it is far better to have a positive attitude and choose to be thankful.

Research shows evidence that being thankful leads to positive physical, social and psychological results.  In studies done, participants were divided into 2 groups:

  • Group 1 was asked to think about what they could be thankful for and to spend a few minutes writing down their thoughts.
  • Group 2 was asked to think about what they were not thankful for and to spend a few minutes writing down their thoughts.

Then the participants met weekly for the next 10 weeks to share their thoughts and continue with the written exercise.  At the end of the study, participants were given some questions to answer.  Here are the results:

  • Group 1 experienced a more positive mood and felt a close connection to the other group members. They were motivated to stay active and felt better physically.  They were inspired to help others and offer emotional support.  In general they were happy and felt good about life.
  • Group 2 experienced negative feelings and were not able to connect well with the other group members.   They could not communicate without being critical and seemed unhappy about their lives.  They indicated that they were not able to sleep well and they were not motivated to do anything to change their lives.

The results indicate that being thankful promotes healthy living.  When we are thankful, we see things from a positive perspective and this helps build confidence.

Life will always throw curve balls at us and we all go through rough times.  However, instead of worrying about what you don’t have or wishing your life could be different, find something to be thankful for.  Sometimes it can be hard but if you look hard enough, there is always something.  What can you choose to be thankful for today?



One response to “I choose to be thankful

  1. Enigma says:

    You are correct. We have so much to be thankful for.

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