I sincerely believe that it is far more beneficial and far less costly to help a child build confidence than it is to fix an adult who has little or none.

Robin Williams dead at 63

on August 12, 2014

When I read this headline this morning, I was shocked.  I knew that Robin Williams struggled with depression but he seemed to be so full of life.  He was an amazing actor who could play almost any part and do a great job.  It didn’t matter if it was comedy, drama or even a cartoon character, everything he did was thoroughly entertaining.  Here is an article about his passing…..

If you struggle with depression, please take steps to help yourself.   According to many specialists, depression can be treated effectively and in many cases can be managed to a point where it almost disappears.   Here are some tips:

  • SEEK MEDICAL HELP – Find out what is causing your depression and discuss treatment options.
  • RESEARCH – Learn as much as you can about depression and how it can be helped.  Read stories about people who have overcome depression and how they managed to do so.
  • THERAPY – Find a counsellor, therapist, social worker or pastor who is understanding of your situation and easy to talk to.
  • FAMILY & FRIENDS – Connect with trusted family and friends who can encourage and support you.  Talking to someone every day will keep you focused on recovery.
  • SUPPORT GROUP – Groups can be very supportive.  Make sure they are helping you move forward and not keeping you stuck in your depression.   Check with local organizations and churches.
  • MEDICATION – medications can relieve depression but should never be relied on for an extended period of time unless the depression is very severe.   If you use medication, make sure you also work on developing a healthy lifestyle.
  • EXERCISE – Exercise has been proved to lessen depression.  Take a walk.  Ride a bike.  Join a fitness club.  Engage in a sports activity.
  • KEEP ACTIVE – Keeping your brain and your body active will keep your mind off your problems and you will not feel depressed.  Just make sure you allow time for relaxation so you don’t become worn out from too much activity.
  • BECOME POSITIVE – Work hard to rid yourself of negative thinking as it will keep you focused on being depressed.  Positive thinking is very powerful.  It helps you build confidence in yourself and it will change your life totally.

Everyone feels depressed at one time or another but some people struggle almost every day.   Stats very, but approximately 10% of the world’s population struggles with depression every day.  Sadly, this terrible illness has become a way of life that is slowly destroying them and many don’t even realize that they can make positive changes to their lives.  Don’t let depression rob you of life!  I allowed it to control my life for numerous years and thankfully I finally discovered that I could control my depression.  Now I can enjoy life and I rarely feel depressed.

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