I sincerely believe that it is far more beneficial and far less costly to help a child build confidence than it is to fix an adult who has little or none.

Creatures of habit

on April 10, 2014

7 figuresWe are all creatures of habit.  Research shows that as much as 40% of everything we do is purely habit!   This means that we aren’t even consciously aware that we are doing these things.

How do we develop habits?  Every time we do something, our brain subconsciously records it and if we repeat the same thing over and over again, we will do it without even thinking.   According to studies done, it shows that a new habit can be formed in about 21-30 days.

Many habits are good because they save us a lot of time and help us become successful.  These can include:  reading, writing, getting dressed, cooking, driving a car, work skills and so on.   Unfortunately, most of us have bad habits that continually cause problems for us.  These can include:  smoking, drinking, taking drugs, anger issues, eating disorders, overspending and many more.

Bad habits can often seem overwhelming and we can start to believe that it is impossible to change them.  However, if you can make a habit, you can also break a habit.  It is just harder and takes longer.  You have to be patient, willing to change and ready to make a commitment to yourself.   It is certainly worth the time and effort because once we develop good, healthy habits, we will start to feel better and be able to enjoy life.

What are some good habits that you would like to develop?   What are some bad habits that you would like to stop?  Make a list and then choose the one you would like to start with.   Write down this habit for 21 days in a journal, day book or on a calendar and keep track of your progress.  Try to find some family or friends to support you and celebrate every step of your success.  If you miss a day or make a mistake, just shake off the disappointment and keep going.  Never give up!

At the end of the 21 days, see if you are following this new habit.  If not, write it down for another 21 days and keep working on it.  When you feel confident that you have created a new habit, pick another one to work on.

If you are trying to stop a bad habit, this could take a lot longer.   Use the same 21 day method and assess your progress after this period of time.    Take baby steps and make sure you reward yourself at the end of every 21 days.

We are creatures of habit and we need to make sure that we are creating good habits and not just repeating bad habits.   The choice is yours.   Good habits can lead to success.  Bad habits usually lead to failure.  Which do you want?


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