I sincerely believe that it is far more beneficial and far less costly to help a child build confidence than it is to fix an adult who has little or none.

Who is your hero?

on March 27, 2014

superheroesIf someone asked who your favourite hero was, what would your answer be?  There are many past and present heroes that might come to mind:  John F Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Babe Ruth,  Martin Luther, Christopher Reeves, Mother Teresa and the list could go on and on.   Depending on your interests and where you live, certain people would stand out in your mind.

But what about the everyday heroes?  The ones that do small and often unnoticed acts of kindness right in your own community.  What about that nice man who lives across the road who shovels the driveways of your elderly neighbours for free?  What about that co-worker who looks after the children of her friends so they can enjoy a special evening out and doesn’t charge for babysitting?  What about that friend of yours who drops in with a cooked meal when you aren’t feeling well?  What about that store clerk who always has some kind words to say no matter how people treat her?

There are so many people who do continuous acts of kindness everyday and we don’t even realize it.  They don’t do it for recognition or reward, they are just full of love and have a caring heart.   They want to share their happiness with others and they really deserve a medal.  It is truly hard to be kind in a world where people are taught to be selfish and think about themselves first.

Are you a hero?  Do you think about other people before yourself?  How long has it been since you’ve done an act of kindness?  This world would be a much better place to live in if everyone would start focusing on positive thinking and making a habit of doing daily acts of kindness.  Think about it…how do you feel when someone does something nice for you?   Well, it also makes you feel good when you do something nice for others….it benefits you and the other person.  Wow, a double reward!! How much better can it get?

I just read a story on the website about a couple who decided to make a difference and use their wedding money on giving love to others.  They travelled through the United States helping with a food drive and donating goods to various locations.  What an awesome way to start a marriage!  That wonderful young couple is on their way to change the world.   Click on the following link to read their story.

Who is your hero?  You can nominate your everyday hero and read more stories about heroes at

Why not start doing your own daily acts of kindness and maybe someone will nominate you!

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