I sincerely believe that it is far more beneficial and far less costly to help a child build confidence than it is to fix an adult who has little or none.

Throw out your negative thoughts

on December 21, 2013

sadNegative thinking is the cause of most of our problems.  When we look at life with a negative perspective and dwell on our problems we will struggle.   Our negative thoughts will turn into negative words and actions and this will bring negative results.

When negative thoughts come into our head, we have to consciously throw them out and replace them with positive thoughts.  Not possible?  Of course it is.  With effort and patience, you can change your thinking.  There are numerous documented cases of people and I personally know people who have done this, including myself.holding stop sign

How can you throw out your negative thoughts?  First you need to consciously be aware of what you are thinking, then stop yourself and replace the thought with something positive.

If a fly flew in your face, what would you do?  You wouldn’t just let it sit there, you would shoo it away.  If a car drove by you in a rainstorm and splashed mud on your pants, what would you do?  You wouldn’t just let it stay there and look dirty, you would wipe it off.  If you tried on an outfit in a clothing store and it didn’t fit, what would you do?  You wouldn’t just leave it on and buy it, you would take it off and try on something else.

So why would you allow negative thoughts to remain in your mind?   You need to take action and get rid of them.  You can’t have a positive life with a negative mind, so work at throwing out those negative thoughts.

Take care and start doing some positive thinking.  It really changes your life and you can actually be happy most of the time!  Happy thinking!smiling hugging tree

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