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A Canadian Thanksgiving

on October 13, 2013

family thanksgivingTomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada.  This is a national holiday where families gather to give thanks for our blessings.  In other countries, such as United States, Germany and Japan, Thanksgiving is celebrated on various dates in October and November.

The Thanksgiving tradition has its roots in England during the Reformation where they held special Thanksgiving religious services.  The first Canadian Thanksgiving is traced back to 1578 when Martin Frobisher, an explorer, held a Thanksgiving celebration to thank God for allowing him to survive the long, difficult journey from England.  The early French settlers also celebrated Thanksgiving for their successful harvests.   As more settlers came to Canada, Thanksgiving celebrations became very common in the late autumn.

Thanksgiving Day in Canada is a statutory holiday (except for the maritime provinces).  Many families and friends gather together to share a special meal or take part in a family tradition which could include sports or a short vacation before winter sets in.

Thanksgiving is an opportunity for us to give thanks for all the blessings we have.  There are so many people in the world that don’t have a house to live in, enough food to eat, nice clothing to wear, a bed to sleep in or even clean, running water.   Even if we are lacking in some area, there is always something we can be thankful for.   I’m thankful for my family, my friends, my good health, my ability to write and things as simple as being able to see, hear and smell.

What are you thankful for today?

Here is an awesome video by Josh Groban called Thankful.  Enjoy and have a great Thanksgiving!

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