I sincerely believe that it is far more beneficial and far less costly to help a child build confidence than it is to fix an adult who has little or none.

Catch them red-handed!

on September 23, 2013

mouse thiefHave you ever been caught red-handed?

Getting caught red-handed is a term that originated in Scotland somewhere around the 1500’s.  It meant that a murderer had been caught with blood on their hands.  The evidence could be clearly seen and it was easy to catch them.

Today, this term is used when anyone is caught in the act of committing a crime or doing something wrong.  Someone could be caught with their hands in a cash drawer at the wrong time and it would be assumed that they were stealing.  Someone could be damaging property and be caught while doing the act.

We’ve all been caught red-handed at one time or another and usually the result is negative.  People who are caught doing something wrong are often prosecuted and sometimes charged a fine or put in jail.  Children are often caught doing something wrong and then they are punished.

Why not catch someone doing something right instead of something wrong?  Isn’t that an awesome idea!   Catch a child cleaning their room, doing their homework, exercising, practising an instrument or even helping someone.  Tell them how special they and how important they are to you and your family.  This is positive reinforcement and will go a long way in teaching them responsibility and building their esteem.  You could even go further and tell others what great things they’ve done.  This is double positive reinforcement!

So catch them red-handed but do it in a positive way instead of a negative way.  It will have much better results!

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