I sincerely believe that it is far more beneficial and far less costly to help a child build confidence than it is to fix an adult who has little or none.

The most important day of your life

on August 6, 2013

IMG_2051If someone asked you what was the most important day of your life, what would be your answer?

  • the day you graduated from high school, college or university?
  • the day you got your first job?
  • the day you got married?
  • the day you had your first baby?
  • the day you were promoted to a better job?
  • the day you got your first house?
  • a special vacation?
  • an anniversary?

I’ve been asked this question before and many of these ideas ran through my head.   However, everything that has happened in the past is over.  I can’t go back and correct any poor choices or improve on any good choices.   Yes there were certainly many important days in my past, but I’ve begun to realize that the most important day of my life is TODAY!

What am I going to do with my life today so tomorrow will be better?  Today I can make better decisions based on what I have learned from my experiences and mistakes in the past.   I can improve my attitude.  I can make positive choices.  I can become a better person than I was yesterday.

I found this poem by Dale Witherington called the “The Lifebuilder’s Creed.  It states why today is so important.

The Lifebuilder’s Creed

Today is the most important day of my life.

Yesterday with its successes and victories, struggles and failures is gone forever.

The past is past.  Done.  Finished.  I cannot relive it. I cannot go back and change it.

But I will learn from it and improve my TODAY.  TODAY. This moment. NOW.

It is God’s gift to me and it is all that I have.

Tomorrow with all its joys and sorrows, triumphs and troubles isn’t here yet.

Indeed, tomorrow may never come.  Therefore, I will not worry about tomorrow.

Today is what God has entrusted to me.  It is all that I have. I will do my best in it.

I will demonstrate the best of me in it – my character, giftedness, and abilities – to my family and friends, clients and associates.

I will identify those things that are most important to do TODAY, and those things I will do until they are done.

And when this day is done I will look back with satisfaction at that which I have accomplished.

Then, and only then, will I plan my tomorrow,

Looking to improve upon Today, with God’s help.

Then I shall go to sleep in peace … content.


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