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Friday’s storm

on July 21, 2013

This past Friday, my husband and I drove to visit my daughter who lives about 3 hours north of us.  We have to drive through Toronto Canada, and this can be a real challenge on a Friday when there is heavy traffic, slow-downs and sudden stops causing delays that could result in double the driving time.  We decided to avoid these problems and take a secondary highway through some small towns.

As we drove, we noticed that some black clouds were forming overhead and hoped it might rain to cool things down.  We’ve been experiencing a heat wave that has hit Southern Ontario and parts of Eastern US.  Temperatures have reached over 30 C for the past few days and the heat has been unbearable for many people with health issues and those who don’t have access to air conditioning.

The afternoon got terribly hot, but thankfully there was a good breeze, so when we arrived at my daughter’s house, we were able to sit comfortably and chat.  My daughter was doing her laundry and she brought it outside to hang up.  My husband likes to keep busy, so he puttered around in the garden and then started cutting the grass.

As we listened to the hum of the lawnmower, we watched as the black clouds got blacker and then felt a few drops of rain.   My daughter went out to grab her laundry and my  husband was just finishing the grass.  As he was putting the lawnmower away, the wind suddenly picked up and the lawn chairs flew across the yard.  The sky was black and the rain poured down.  We rain into the house, soaking wet.  Within seconds, the lights went out and we stood there watching the storm through the window.  Below is a picture of the sky overhead.

sky over mel house juy 19, 2013

The storm only lasted a few minutes but it did a lot of damage.  Power was out in many areas, trees and branches fell causing damage and people were hurt.   A cool front had mixed with the heat and humidity causing storms which resulted in the severe weather.   So I did get what I hoped for – things did cool down.  I’m just thankful that more people didn’t get hurt.

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