I sincerely believe that it is far more beneficial and far less costly to help a child build confidence than it is to fix an adult who has little or none.

What are we doing to protect our children?

on May 22, 2013

teens on computers Almost every time I read an article about social media, it addresses a problem that is on the rise.  Social media can be a good thing when it keeps you in touch with your loved ones and friends, allowing you to stay updated on what is happening and view some nice pictures.

However, when people are posting nasty comments and inappropriate pictures, social media is not being used in the proper way.   It’s great that people can share information, but not when it is at the expense of someone else.

People are losing their moral values and don’t seem to care if they hurt someone else.   The freedom to say anything we what about anyone, has created serious problems for families and relationships; causing breakdowns, violent acts and sexual immorality.

I do have a Facebook account that I have recently re-opened, but I am not really a fan of social media.  When I first opened my account a few years ago, I thought it was great to connect with family and friends.  Most people are busy and we can’t keep track of what is going on, so I faithfully checked my account every day.   Then one day, I noticed some personal information that had been shared about a friend and I was shocked that anyone could do this.   My friend was devastated!  At that time, Social Media problems were just starting and I hadn’t really heard much about them.  It was enough to make me close my account and for a few years I just never bothered.

Now that I am back on Facebook, I see so much that should never be posted and I wonder why we are allowing this to happen.  Adults (parents, teachers, family members, friends) need to be responsible role models and teach children how to use social media in an appropriate way.

I read an article this morning about Social Media and how teenagers are posting intimate information about themselves online.

We are destroying ourselves and our children by allowing personal information and pictures to be distributed as if they don’t matter.   We DO matter and we need to respect ourselves and others.    mother and daughter on computer

Do you care?  What are you doing to protect our children?




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