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Happy Victoria Day!

on May 19, 2013

victoria dayWhat a beautiful day!  Until last week, it was pretty cool outside, but today the sun is shining bright and I can feel the warmth beating through the windows.

It’s a long weekend here in Canada and tomorrow is a statutory holiday.  The official name of the holiday is Victoria Day which celebrates Queen Victoria, who was a former Queen of the Common of Nations.  Canada is still a member and the current Queen Elizabeth II is still the head.

The holiday usually occurs around May 24th, although it isn’t always celebrated on that date, but instead being held on the Monday before May 25th.  We call the weekend by various names:  the Victoria Day Weekend, the May Long Weekend, the May Two-Four Weekend, and the May 24th weekend.   Americans celebrate their Memorial Day Weekend the following weekend.

People celebrate this weekend in various ways, usually including some kind of get-together with family and friends, going to a cottage, planting a garden, taking a short trip or attending a celebration ending with fireworks.

Yesterday, my husband and I spent the day yard-saleing, shopping and visiting a nursery to buy plants to put in our garden.  I just love seeing all the different kinds of flowers with their magnificent colours and shapes.   There is so much beauty in this world if we just stop once in a while and take the time to look.  I used to be too busy to even pay attention, but now I make sure I don’t miss anything little detail and life is so much more enjoyable.

Today after church, we went to a bakery/fruit market, had a nice lunch and now we are waiting for our young grandson who is visiting us overnight.  Tomorrow morning we’re taking my grandson to a local school that is having a Springfest with vendors, music and children’s activities and then we’ll be joining up with his parents for another local event that ends with fireworks.  We took my grandson last year to see the fireworks for the first time and he was a little scared.  This year he is almost 2 years old, so he might enjoy them.  Will try to stay a further away so the noise isn’t so loud.

I hope you all had a great weekend and are looking forward to a greater week ahead!  Don’t forget to stop and enjoy all the little precious things in life!

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