I sincerely believe that it is far more beneficial and far less costly to help a child build confidence than it is to fix an adult who has little or none.

Mother’s day

on May 11, 2013

Smiling Family Posing on BenchMother’s Day has been celebrated for centuries.  In the 1600’s, British Christians set aside the 4th Sunday of Lent to honor Mary, the mother of Jesus.  Poor servants were given the day off work to return home and spend the day with their mothers, bringing with them a special cake for a celebration.

Mother’s Day was inspired by the British celebration through a social activist called Julia Ward Howe after the American Civil War.  Her appeal to observe a Mother’s Peace Day led to the establishment of an annual event for a period of 10 years in the late 1800’s.

The first Mother’s Day was observed on May 10, 1908 by a church service honouring Ann Marie Reeves Jarvis, a women who was working to improve the sanitary conditions for working women.  Her daughter, Anna Jarvis had dedicated her life to establish a Mother’s Day to honour mothers both living and dead.  She felt that children did not appreciate the hard work that their mothers did and believed it was an important cause.

In December 1912, the Mother’s Day International Association was formed and on May 9, 1914, the US President declared the 2nd Sunday of May would be set aside to honour mothers.  Soon this custom spread to other countries such as Canada, China and Africa.   Many countries celebrate Mother’s Day in May, however some celebrate this occasion at other times of the year.

Mother’s Day is now one of the most popular days of the year, celebrated with cards, gifts, flowers and dining out.

My mother is not with me this Mother’s Day.  She passed away 2 years ago the week before Mother’s Day, the victim of a horrible wind storm.   At 93 years of age, she was knocked down by the wind while out shopping and never recovered from the injuries she suffered when she fell.  I hope that she is watching me from above and I remember her in my prayers.

Take time to show your mother, grandmother and every women in your life how much you love and appreciate them.  In this busy world, we don’t always stop to think about how important people are.  We are too busy working, playing, enjoying our possessions and we miss valuable time that could have been spent building relationships with those around us.   I like the Dutch proverb,  “We grow too soon old and too late smart”.   This is so true.  Life is short and in some ways we are not very smart.  We get old and regret the things we did and didn’t do.  One of the biggest regrets that people have is not spending enough time with people they love.   Don’t let this be one of your regrets!

Here is a an amazing duet by Celine Dion and Josh Groban.  It lifted me up this beautiful, cloudy morning.  Enjoy!

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