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Who are you throwing stones at?

on May 2, 2013

stonesStoning a person is an ancient form of capital punishment that is extremely barbaric.   It is a slow execution where the person dies by being tortured.   Stoning originated in Biblical times and is still practiced in some countries today.

In a country where stoning is practiced, the guilty person is brought to a location where a crowd is waiting and then they are usually buried in a ditch to their waist or chest.   Then people in the crowd begin to throw stones and continue until the person dies.  No individual can be identified as the one who actually kills the subject, yet they all hold some degree of responsibility for their actions.

What gives anyone the right to throw stones at anyone?   None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes.  It isn’t right that we should judge people as doing something that is worse than what we have done ourselves.   It doesn’t matter how big the crime, we are all guilty of something.

Some of us are guilty of ‘throwing stones’ at other people by using words that hurt.   Our words can become a dangerous weapon when we say something that is unkind, thoughtless or mean, hurting that person as much as if we had thrown a stone at them.

Words are so powerful and they can have a lasting effect on a person, hurting them emotionally, mentally and spiritually.   We can’t always see the effect our words have on people because often they will hide their reaction or if the words are written or typed, we can’t see their reaction.

We need to make sure our words are kind and thoughtful so we can show our love and respect to others.

Are you throwing stones at anyone?  Try throwing some love instead and see the results.

3 responses to “Who are you throwing stones at?

  1. Patinspire says:

    Love the concept of throwing love at someone instead of hurtful words 🙂

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