I sincerely believe that it is far more beneficial and far less costly to help a child build confidence than it is to fix an adult who has little or none.

A narrow definition of beauty

on April 2, 2013

Smiling woman portrait.Did you know that only 2% of the women around the world describe themselves as beautiful?

Did you know that two-thirds of women strongly agree that ‘the media and advertising set an unrealistic standard of beauty that most women can’t ever achieve’?

These shocking statistics were discovered by DOVE (you know the company that makes soap and other beauty products) through the results of a major global study – a study that showed how limiting and unattainable it was to be beautiful, unless one was thin, young and blond.  This narrow definition of beauty was having a profound effect on the self-esteem of women.

Dove decided to start a campaign to help make women feel beautiful every day by widening the stereotypical views of beauty.  Information about their campaign can be found on the Dove website at

My project I M Confident supports the Dove campaign and I believe their social mission can help young girls and women of all ages to build confidence and develop strong self-esteem.  Click on the following link for information, articles, games and quizzes on self-esteem…..   PARENTS…check out the Self-Esteem Guides for Moms that will help give you ideas on how to start a positive conversation about beauty and body image with your daughter.   Dads you can get in on the conversation too!  With just some slight modifications, these guides can also be used for Moms and their sons or Dads and their sons.   These guides can also benefit adults in learning how to become more confidence and increase their esteem.

Let’s all try to help our young people develop an awareness of what real beauty is and encourage them to just be the unique individual they were meant to be!


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