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What kind of baggage are you carrying?

on March 21, 2013

carry suitcaseAs we travel along the pathway of life, we pick up problems and stuff them in our emotional baggage.  This often starts in our childhood and continues on into our adulthood.  By the time we start a serious relationship or get married, we are carrying lots of baggage.

Often we are taught to hide our emotions or push them aside and forget about them.  However, this doesn’t work.  It is normal to feel emotions and we need to acknowledge them.   Avoiding emotions will just result in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems that creates excess emotional baggage.  We have to learn how to control our emotions instead of allowing them to control us.

It’s time to unpack your baggage and find out what you are carrying around.  What is in your bags?  Is it anger?  Bitterness?  Hatred?  Pain from an abusive relationship?  A lonely childhood?  Unforgiveness?  Guilt?  A failure? Fear of something?  There are many things you can carry around with you.

Your baggage can be very heavy and hard to manage.   Don’t keep carrying them around with you.  Get rid of those past issues and try to move forward in life.  Find someone you can trust that can help you unpack your bags and sort through any issues you have.  Then try to put away all those things that have been weighting you down and causing you pain.

It is hard to let go of things that you have carried around for a long time, but you can take your baggage and throw it out the door.  Do yourself a favour and start flying through life without all those heavy bags.




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