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Do yourself a favour

on February 28, 2013

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just say a few words and create an atmosphere of peace in your life?Woman Looking at a Man Sitting Beside Her

Wouldn’t if be nice if you could avoid a few arguments and heated discussions?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t hear any complaints or criticisms?

Well, it would be nice to have total peace in your life, but this really isn’t possible.  However, you can eliminate a lot of the hassles in your life by saying a few simple words.  Some of these very powerful statements are:

  • I’m sorry
  • I forgive you
  • I was wrong
  • It’s okay
  • I understand

It isn’t easy to say some of these things, but they can have a huge impact on a situation.  Sometimes people argue and fight about things that are not really that important and we often blow things way out of proportion.   Instead of letting a difficult situation get out of control, consider apologizing or saying it is okay.  It may not necessarily be your fault or anyone’s fault for that matter, but if you can just say a few words that only take a couple of seconds, it might bring peace to an otherwise uncomfortable or difficult situation that could last for days or weeks.

Words have a lot of power.  They can heal or hurt.  They can start wars or stop wars.  They can lift up or put down.   It can be hard to apologize or say you were sorry, but think about how much peace this might bring about.

When you feel that a situation is getting out of control, do yourself a favour and say something that might save the day.

ADDITION – Another blogger suggested that I add another very powerful statement – I love you – and one that I should have thought about.  These 3 words can actually stop a person in their tracks if they are upset or angry.  I’ve done it myself and it does work.

2 responses to “Do yourself a favour

  1. Great post! Another very powerful statement to add to your list is, I love you.

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