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Taking time for yourself

on January 17, 2013

Young Woman Sitting and Holding a Cup of CoffeeStress is a terrible thing.  It affects your physical, emotional and mental being, causing all sorts of problems for your mind, body and soul.  There are numerous physical and mental illnesses that result from stress and sometimes we don’t even realize what is happening until it is too late.

We often forget to take care of our own health in the busyness of everyday life.  Family and work life is demanding and we struggle to get everything done.  Stress can be building over a period of weeks, months and years before we even realize what is happening.  Then burnout happens.  We start to break down physically, emotionally and mentally.   Not taking the time to care for ourselves, will result in the need for others to care for us.

Everyone needs to take time away from the everyday stresses to relax, rejuvenate, replenish, and restore their mind, body and soul.  Wellness is important to wellbeing.  Getting completely away from the environment that is causing you stress is the best way to recover.  Find a quiet place where you can relax.  There should be no distractions, no phones, no TV or radio, just the sounds of nature.  Water is especially soothing.

Spend at least 30 minutes a day by yourself reading or meditating.  Don’t feel like you are neglecting your responsibilities, you are taking care of yourself so you will be able to handle them.  Let your family and friends know that you are not hiding, but need some time out from stress.  Suggest they do the same thing. Then take a few days once or twice each year to really work on your personal wellness.

Going on a trip or to a cottage is a great idea.  This could be your journey to self-discovery.  Here are some suggestions for what you can do while you are there.


  • find a comfortable place to sit and focus on something that is calming to you – a word, an idea
  • try to keep your mind quiet and let go of any negativity and busyness
  • if you can be near water, this can be very helpful – waves, waterfall
  • sunrise and sunset are perfect times – listen to the sounds of nature
  • walking while meditating will help make you more aware of your body and is beneficial to your health
  • listen to a relaxing tape or CD while you walk


  • certain activities can be very relaxing and are good exercise for your body
  • Yoga is a popular form of relaxation
  • Hiking and Biking will benefit your health – pay attention to the nature around you


Doing something you like is fun and relaxing.  When was the last time you put together a jigsaw puzzle, did a crossword or played solitaire (not on the computer).  There are many things that you can do to eliminate stress and promote wellness

  • ·Handicrafts, scrapbooking, painting
  • ·Reading is a great idea – read some self-help books or learn something new – stay away from romance and adventure
  • ·Watch some old movies or listen to soft music

These are just a few suggestions.  There are many more things you can do.  What are some things that you would like to do?

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