I sincerely believe that it is far more beneficial and far less costly to help a child build confidence than it is to fix an adult who has little or none.

Boxing Day Mania

on December 26, 2012

hold bag of moneyBoxing Day is known to be one of the busiest days of the year for shopping.  Stores offer all sorts of bargains and people love sales.  Almost everything is marked down;  Christmas items, clothing, furniture, appliances, electronics.   If you are saving money on something that you really need, it might be a good idea to go out and fight through the crowds.  But if you are just looking for a bargain and buying things you don’t need, it’s a bad idea to even go near the stores on Boxing Day.

Shopkeepers aren’t interested in saving people money.  They just want clear out their stock and make a profit.  They will entice you into buying things you don’t really need.   It is hard to resist all those great deals and it is so easy to clean out all your savings and max out your credit cards.

Most people think that they need stuff to feel good about themselves and to be important.  We believe that our stuff gives us value and that we need things to be happy.  This is why many people feel good when they first get stuff and feel bad when the excitement wears off.  It is important to understand that we need to be confident in ourselves and have good esteem.  Our real value comes from inside ourselves and not from what we have.    Our stuff does not determine our value unless we allow it to do so and this is so wrong.

Be careful when you out shopping on this Boxing Day or any other day of the year and think about what you are buying.  Is it something you need or just something you want?  There is a big difference.  People fill up their houses with all sorts of things they don’t really need, creating a lot of clutter and confusion.

How do you feel when you have spent all your money and maxed out all your credit cards?  It might feel good taking that trip now, but if you have charged all the costs, it won’t feel so good 12 months later when you are still paying for that trip.

Keep life simple and keep your money in your pocket.  Debt is getting out of control for a growing number of people.  Don’t let your stuff control you!   YOU ARE VALUABLE, NOT YOUR STUFF!!


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