I sincerely believe that it is far more beneficial and far less costly to help a child build confidence than it is to fix an adult who has little or none.


on November 15, 2012

A caption in a “Peanuts” comic strip reads, “There’s nothing heavier than the burden of potential.” 

Everyone has potential for something.  When children come into this world, they bring with them special gifts.  Children believe anything is possible and have all sorts of dreams.  They want to grow up and become astronauts, doctors, firemen, the Prime Minister. However, these wonderful dreams can too soon be pushed aside as life situations take hold of their vulnerability.

Young children often have unrealistic or unhealthy expectations placed on them by parents and life situations, leaving them full of doubt, emotional pain and fear of failure.  By the time the adult emerges, dreams are buried deep inside with little possibility of becoming reality, and a lack of confidence has lead to anxiety, depression, addictions or self-abuse.  The potential has vanished forever.

Many people have a poor self-image and lack confidence.  Growing up in a dysfunctional family, surrounded by negativity and believing the myths that society presents to the world makes us work towards impossible goals that will ultimately lead to failure.  People are constantly presented with a picture of the perfect person and what is needed to get there.  If we wear the right clothes, have perfect skin, beautiful hair and a slim body we will be loved by everyone.  If we buy certain products, they will make us healthier, happier and successful.  Sadly, these things may give us happiness for a period of time, but happiness is only temporary and we should be striving for contentment and peace.

We are our own worst enemies and I can certainly say that this is true in my own life.  We are all searching for something that will make us happy.  Nobody is perfect, life is difficult and we need to be realistic in how we think and take responsibility for our own actions.  Inside of trying to reach impossible goals, we need to accept ourselves and do the best we can.   By trying to fit in to everyone else’s ideas, we think everything is fine and fill our lives with meaningless activity.  It is important to be honest with ourselves, evaluate our lives, set realistic goals and work towards them.

This sounds easy, but it certainly is not.  Some people have been hiding from themselves for so long, that they would rather live with the security of their emotional pain than take a chance on looking foolish, being criticized and facing the unknown.  Sometimes this pain becomes unbearable and they reach out to others for help.  When help is needed, society needs to be ready with a plan of action – one that would give people access to information through trainings and workshops.  Unfortunately, there is little or nothing available to offer and many people just lose hope and give up.

It doesn’t matter how difficult our lives have been or how discouraged we feel.  It is never too late to try and reach our full potential in life.  We can find happiness and success, but it is critical that we build our confidence and increase our self-esteem in order to make this possible.

Programs that promote confidence and build esteem need to be accessible to people of all ages, right from young children to seniors.  Self-esteem affects every facet of our lives and we need to have healthy esteem in order to have positive relationships, be able to make proper decisions and be able to handle life’s challenges in an effective manner.

It is this lack of available programs that fueled my desire to start my project that I named I M CONFIDENT NIAGARA CANADA.  I created a website to provide information, articles, slide presentations, stories and updates to help build confidence and boost selfesteem.  Then I started offering workshops to local organizations, groups, schools, churches, and individuals.  However, I receive emails requesting more than I can provide and I realize that I am not able to fulfill my potential.  It is my dream to see a permanent location where people of all ages can come for ongoing workshops and activities that will help them build their confidence and increase their esteem.   Is my dream even possible?  Absolutely!  Anything is possible if you really believe and have faith!

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